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Lana's Metaphysical Salon

Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce the Grand Opening of

"Lana’s Metaphysical Salon"-

A place of healing, transforming and evolving.

A place where like-minded people can meet, make new connections and learn something new.

We will meet on Sundays at 2pm.

We will start with Tibetan exercise, breathing technique and guided meditation, followed by the presentation of the day. [See topics below]

Then we will enjoy stimulating conversation with tea and light snacks by the fireplace.

Here is a list of techniques, that you will learn and practice at the Salon:

-Higher Brain Living® - A New Brain. A New Beginnings

-Dance Code Meditation

-Transcendent Self Meditation

-Group Regression

-Healing Techniques

-Shamanic magical passes

-Manifestation Techniques

-NeuroMovement® Technique

-Chakra Movements

-Sedona Method

-The Queen's Code Workshop

-Sound Vibrations

-Spoon Bending Party

And many more interesting topics.

The space is limited so RSVP is a must.

Please send me your email if you want to be on this mailing list.

It is very exciting to be involved on this journey and I hope you will join this exclusive circle.

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