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Toxic parents issue turns out to be a life lesson.

Young lady from one of the Asian countries came to me to find her career move. She has been dependent on her parents for her studies and wants to break free from them because she said they were very toxic. They are constantly using her to complain on each other since she was a child and she could not deal with it any more. Jane also has self-image issues because she was always put down by her relatives, even though she was a beautiful young lady.

During the Quantum Healing session, she goes into the first life and sees herself as a very good-looking high-ranking military officer in a Nazi party in Germany. He is one of the officers in a Hitlers party, where he knows that he is there because of his good looks. The explanation is that Hitler liked to surround himself with good looking men. She says he is a pervert, who tries to grab his behind anytime they are alone. The man in the story is in charge of picking places to bomb. He hates his job and feels some what sorry for all those people he is bombing, but his desire to climb a career latter is overwhelming. He is ready to do anything to climb up so he does not have to do this job. Next seen she is seeing the offices marrying an ugly looking woman that he is really despises, but he feels he has to do it for his career, because her father is a big shot. Next seen he has a much more pleasant job where he spends all his time, because he hates to go home to his wife. When I move her to the end of this life, she is seeing him dying in the hospital from tuberculosis and he is glad to go. He feels like this life was a waist. It was a constant struggle but at the end he was not happy. His Higher Self explained later that its good to dye young if you are not fulfilling your purpose. In this case his purpose was to escape the system, instead he was playing this pointless game.

As soon as Jane saw her next life she exclaimed: “Not again!”. She was a military officer in Japan in charge of exterminating Chinese people on Emperor’s orders. He feels bad about killing all those people. He was taken to a military school because he was an orphan, but very intelligent. They were visited by the Emperor in this school and were told how important they were, but ended up just being a killing machine. Moving forward she is seeing this man killing his college because he has been humiliating him for a long time and he wants to make him suffer. After I moved her forward, she finds herself as this man meditating in a monastery on a mountain, where he moved to after leaving his life in a military in pursuit of peace and tranquility. He likes to read all the scriptures in that place too. He dyes as an old man peacefully during one of his meditations.

The Higher Self explains later that she did better this time. Even thought it was a crazy idea as a high military official to renounce his post which caused him to “lose face”, he followed his intuition and was rewarded with long life, painless death and the elevation of the soul to a higher level.

Upon his death he is met by Nordic looking beings with wings and taken to the crystal palace for healing. Jane comes from that realm of those angels, that have been helping Earth to evolve for millenniums. I move her to the time when she gets assigned new mission in life. She sees herself signing contract to go as a woman in Asian culture to learn, how they are repressed and therefore depressed. She is to help women to learn their value and to be empowered. Most of the women in that culture have been soldiers in the past and she is supposed to find them and to help them.

From there we connect to her Higher Self and ask her questions.

She learned that her parents were the wives from those 2 previous lives. They both loved him as a husband but he only married them for his career and made them both suffer. As the abundant wives they were both traumatized by it. She chose to resolve that karma by choosing both of them as her parents in this life time. Her mother was a German wife whom he hated and now she came back to seek a revenge on her. The Japanese wife was more cleaver and came back as a man to become her father because the men have more power in the family to manipulate women. She needs to forgive both of them because she is the one who caused this karmic debt.

Jane’s other question was regarding her recent traumatic relationship with a man. She learned that he was the man she killed in the past life as a German man and his mother was a Japanese officer that was also killed by her(him). HS explained that they decided to come together in this life to seek a revenge on her, because she is a very powerful being and has a lot of help from the angels, so they would not be able to do it alone.

Jane told me in the interview that she hears voices sometimes they are more like thoughts, and they are very negative towards her. The Higher Self explained that those are the people that suffered a gruesome death because of her actions, but because she did not have evil intentions then this is not her karma, it’s the karma of those people. They attracted that type of death because of something they did in the past. She is just the channel. The Higher Self explained that to the group of people that followed her and suggested to follow Hitler and the Emperor instead.

I could not help but ask those angelic beings that were communicating thru Jane regarding our 2020 world situation. I was told that the people that dyed from the virus are the ones that were not serving their purpose and were wasting their time on this planet. It was better for them to leave now that the Earth is going thru a higher vibration, they simple cannot handle it. Those angelic being were working very hard on our ascension and they feel positive regarding the changes that we are going thru, even though we are not out of turmoil yet. New things are being established now on the planet and they need people to stop their useless, daily activities and to look within. "Stay with yourself and look inside": was their advice. There will be more and more violence which will destroy the old pattern but it has to be crazy to raise the quality of energy. The old patterns do not fit the new energy anymore.


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