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Lana's Metaphysical Salon One Year Anniversary

In a last 30 years I have accumulated a vast amount of metaphysical knowledge and yet, I continue my quest to learn more. Along the way, I have decided to share my journey with others. I feel that we are on a verge of big changes and during the time of change we need support of each other more then anything.

In 2018 I moved into a new place that allows me to host a group of like-minded individuals and share my knowledge. I call it "Lana's Metaphysical Salon"

We usually meet on Sunday afternoon and start with a light exercise or a meditation. Then there is main topic of the day ( lecture or practice) followed by casual discussions with tea and snacks.

Suggested donation is $25

People that come to my Salon find new friends and continue on the path together creating new extraordinary experiences. Everyone is welcome and no subject is weird enough for this group. I invite other teachers to share their knowledge and teach my own metaphysical techniques.

Here are some Salon's topics we had in the last year:

- October 21, 2018 - Dance Flow Meditation and Solfeggio Vibrational Tones.

- November 4, 2018 - Michelle Shinagawa - NeuroMovement® Technique.

- December 2, 2018 - Michelle Shinagawa - Reiki Healing and Meditation

- January 20, 2019 - Spoon Bending Party

- February 17, 2019 - Healing of the heart and connecting to eternal Love.

- March 3, 2019 - Lisa Pereira - Presentation of her trip to Egypt.

- March 31, 2019 - Special guest : Ambassador of Agartha Tamarinda Maassen.

- May 5 & 18, 2019 - Create your personal "Power Structure" as a protection, light body activation and connection to your Higher Self.

- August 11, 2019 - Land of Rumania as a zero point of our time and our civilization. Pyramids and Sphinx of Rumania and Bosnian. Agartha - higher dimensional civilization.

- September 22,19 - What is our reality, our soul and our spirit. meditation and manifestation technique.

- October 5, 2019 - Mr Victor Vallone Bio Magnetic Electro Therapy treatments.

As we come to the fist year anniversary of "Lana's Metaphysical Salon" I am looking forward to share our unique group with other seekers of knowledge. Please let me know if you are one of them and would like to receive my invitations.

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