Quantum Healing Hypnosis®  Practitioner

Advanced Facilitator HIGHER BRAIN LIVING®

Reiki Master

Shamanic Energy work teacher



​I came from Russia to US in my early teens.

From the age of 10 I have been on a life quest for answers:

“What else is out there? What happens when we die? Are there other beings in the universe?”


​In my twenties I was driven towards unconventional healing methods and modalities. My first teacher came from  KGB laboratories where they experimented with paranormal and  secret ancient healing methods. He was able to leave Russia during the turmoils and political changes in Russia. The healing methods he taught came from esoteric part of the different religions.

Thirty years later I have not heard of those healing methods taught by anyone else. I still use them with success. 

At the same time I studied Cabala and its approach to creation of the universe.


I  learned and practiced Feng Shui and developed my own

 Easy Reference Guide to Feng Shui  that I offer for free online. 

I was always curious about shamanistic techniques of soul retrieving, energy works and expanding of consciousness. I teach shamanic practice called:

​Magical Passes for Women - Awakening consciousness of the womb.

and offer Shamanistic rituals free online.


​I am certified in "DEIR"- Russian School of Remote Info-Energy Development Studies.


I studied with:

- Drunvalo Melchizedek - Flower of Life workshop facilitated by Moreen St.Germain.  Sacred geometry, MerKaBa and human energy field, spirituality and meditation.

- Jim Self “Mastering Alchemy” studying Energy Tools for Personal and Spiritual Growth    http://www.masteringalchemy.com/

-Tatiana Yakovleva  "Amita Kundalini Rei-KI (Vibrational Bioenergy Balancing)"


-Pierre R. Dubois “I am monad” Planetary and Spiritual Knowledge  http://www.iammonad.com/about.html

-Robert Winn “Spirit in Motion Breath Work”   


In 2012 I  trained directly with Dolores Cannon and is recognized as a
Master Level 2 dedicated practitioner within the Dolores Cannon worldwide community.


As a certified practitioner I see clients at home in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York.

In 2016 I studied  personal development program:  "Higher Brain Living® " and  became certified Advanced Facilitator.


​I am married and have a wonderful daughter  star-child, Jasmine. Giving birth to Jasmine in the water was a profound and incredible experience. She is a loving and beautiful soul. 































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