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New Earth has made a call for the Warriors of Light to come forward and create our future.

Join me for an "Ascension Tools" master class; you will need to step into a new reality.

Nearly 20 years ago, I learned from various sources about the planetary shift of consciousness that is about to take place on this planet. All those sources talked about death, destruction, and chaos that will precede this shift and about the people that will have to help others during this time because people will be paralyzed by fear and panic. Back then, I knew I would have to be one of many helping those in need.

I have been studying the "Wheel of Samsara" or, as many call it, Karma, it was done through the facilitation of past life regressions and connecting my clients to their Higher Self.

Last few years, the information that was coming from the client's Higher Selfs was about "The Event" that would lead to the shift of consciousness. They never said what the Event would it be, but only that it would be global, everyone will know when it happens, and it would change everything on this planet, including the monetary system. Some client's Higher Selfs even advised of no need to worry about student loans or mortgages. It all sounded too good to be true, but HERE WE ARE in times of deaths, fears, and collapse of our past way of life.

We are living in times when time stopped, and the world has to face and process their internal self and make crucial decisions on how we want to see the future of our civilization, and the change starts with YOU.

The world will never be the same again, but you have a choice:

-stay in fear and attract death and destruction or

-make this current life your last in a weal of Karma and leave this reality of suffering toward the new, better life of endless possibilities ahead. You can do anything as God in human form. Unfortunately, this will require a lot of work.

On April 19, I launched my first class on tools that you will need to step into your power and walk together with Ascended Masters into our bright future free of suffering, disease, and slavery

Please see short videos from my classes here

You can request a video recording of my past classes and join life class via Zoom on Monday at 7:30 PM. Eastern Time.

Join our group of like-minded people on Zoom, that I do on Monday evenings. Send your request to my email

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