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Happy life on a blue planet

It all began when James floated off a cloud seeing stars around him. He was situated in a vast grassy field, watching the starry sky and feeling a presence of peace. The grass under his feet felt like silk, and the energy coming from it was making him realize this was no earthly sanctuary. This energy was emanating from the center of the planet like a magnetic field, making his body tingle in a way that pleased him. After looking down, he noticed his body was much smaller than his human form back on Earth. He had short arms and legs, with three fat fingers and yellow nails. His whole body was covered by short animal fur, trailing down to his little tail. Though he had no pants, he wore a jacket on his body, probably to not restrict movement for he was jumping around. Others were around him; they were all children playing and jumping very high and far as if the pull of gravity was weak. There was an aura of playfulness and pure joy, making him quite emotional. When asked how they communicate, he informed me that they were telepathic. On top of that, there were no houses and no need to eat. When these creatures would grow weary, they would lay in the mystical grass, which would replenish all of their needs.

As I moved him into the next important scene, he grew angry to leave this wonderful planet. The elders, who were the primary decision-makers in his relocation, eased him by saying that he was needed somewhere else. An entity, tall and skinny with a big silver head and body, guided him onto a transparent ship. Flying away from the planet, he forlornly looked out onto his friends, waving him goodbye. The beautiful blue planet, which pulsated with light, was no longer his home.

Wile hovering above his planet, he told me he had begun to merge with the entity and the ship, becoming one consciousness. It felt as if he was growing older, his memories changing as he traveled through space and time. After a few moments, he saw himself standing in a desert. As his memories came into focus, he realized his surroundings. The pyramids in the back gave him a hint that he was in the Earthly state of Egypt. His anger was resurrected once again, how could they rip him away from his peaceful planet to stand amongst these ignorant and primitive people? The humans wore long, white robes with sandals and turbans. His anger turned to bewilderment and he started laughing for he realized these people worshipped him because they thought he was a god, perceiving him as much more wise and powerful. In fact he was a technological being who could conjure any tool from his hands. The elders had sent him and his species as workers to teach the tribal humans new skills. Unfortunately, not all of these entities were of pure intention; some had started to experiment on humans, doing a horrible thing, which led to James informing the Gods that sent them about these atrocities.

The next scene was him amongst these Gods, telling them of the experiments. Though they looked like men, they were not made of flesh but rather of spirit, allowing them to change form as they pleased. Hearing of this news, the Gods eradicated both his species and humankind from planet Earth. This has been done before, the cleansing the planet of humans, but every time the structure stayed the same. The reason they had sent these aliens to humans is that these Gods wanted humans to create structures. But for what purpose, he was never informed.

He remained amongst these Gods, which he called so because they were the most evolved species he had come across, he saw them as creators of realms and galaxies. The world in which they lived was gold-like. It seemed as if he stood in the middle of a holographic map showcasing the universe. James saw himself maneuvering the map looking for his planet, the Gods had let him choose where he could go next, for he was the only one of his species who was spared of death. This was the moment he was waiting for, to return to that glorious planet of his only to realize it no longer existed. Melancholy spread through him as the Gods explained to him that the energy is universal and it did not matter where he would go.

He finally realized that the reason he picked this human life is that he had been here before and came back in this time because the Earth is very sick. We are stuck in a cycle of failure, never learning from our mistakes. Souls are coming to Earth to help, and they need to learn to speak out, but some forces do not want them to succeed. James's mission is to let everyone know that this is just an experience and they will soon be able to travel the universe as he has before, we don't have to be stuck on this planet. We, as a human species, we're meant to evolve, but there are powers at hand that are restricting us from doing so, one example being religions. Some people will move on, but others will find no afterlife following their death. We must wake up and break free.

The Event is already happening, but James does not see humanity surviving this time either. We’ve been here many times before and have not learned yet.

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