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I’m not sure how I ended up on Lana’s table in Queens, but I’m sure I needed to be there. Less than a week before I had briefly read about QHHT, as a healer I follow on Instagram was training in it and writing of the profound experiences of breaking ‘soul-contracts.’ Within a few hours I googled as much as I could and wound up at Lana’s site impulsively booking a Monday session – however, I had no idea what I was signing up for. Naively, I assumed I’d simply be led through a passive regression of past lives, but I got much more than that.


To discuss my experience feels flat in some way, perhaps because the experience is so full-body it escapes language. In many ways this experience somehow feels like a false narrative, although it is perhaps one of the truest experiences I’ve ever had with another person. We started off innocently enough, with Lana running through what I should expect. The first hour was as advertised, part interview-part therapeutic as I relayed my life and what brought me in. My voice began a weird octave as I nervously began discussing intimate details, but Lana’s soothing presence brought me to my natural voice and I spoke of historical issues that have challenged me, while Lana affirmed, asked questions, and put the pieces together.


Next, I would be guided through (what I assumed was the ‘money-shot’), my past lives including a death scene. For me, this regression, while interesting, and at times extremely emotional was also somewhat blurry. Even in my dreams I’m not that visual, and in this hypnotic state my ability for detail was off, it was not the cinematic experience that I assumed it might be. If the session had ended then, there’s even a chance I might’ve felt some disappointment, fortunately, the work had barely begun.


At the top of our session we discussed what questions we’d ask my unconscious as well as some physical issues I’d been experiencing, some for a number of years. What happened next may sound crazy, but is completely true. As Lana began asking my unconscious to scan and repair any imbalances that existed my body began to writhe and jerk answering each command with a knowing movement. My body pulsated, back arched, hips shook, I coughed, cried, and made guttural sounds while breathing deeply. I could not believe what was happening, but it was happening. During a few of these almost-spasms, Lana would call on white light to protect me, and then as if by magic, my body would release and settle. At one point I laughed at the confusion in my body – was this really happening? It was, and I have a recording to prove it. It felt like I was having an exorcism, and perhaps I was. I rode these waves, clearing out blockages as Lana went chakra by chakra until she was confident the physical work was done, and my body lay still.


What followed were the bigger life questions that we agreed on at the top of our session. One by one Lana asked my unconscious mind to answer, and in a voice much lower and more profound than my own, my unconscious replied in a formal, often riddle-like voice. One of my questions, my unconscious refused to even answer – reminding me that even in this state somethings I’m clearly not ready to hear.  Often this unconscious voice repeated themselves as if the repetition would drive the point home.


Two days later and I’m still processing. My body was brutally exhausted right after the experience, and even now I’m still deeply tired. My hips (which were asked to find release and balance) are incredibly sore, and my mind is truly blown. I’m positive that something has been lifted, and that change is in progress, and I am curious how this will all play out. What will come next, I’m not sure, but as my unconscious mind repeated, ‘you already know.’ As Lana explained to me, every person she works with will have a different experience, and she is not in charge, merely a facilitator and perhaps, a willing witness, ready to take you on the journey of a lifetime. As I begin to let the effects sink in, it’s obvious to me, that every single person could utilize this therapy in order to release, learn, and step more fully into their own experience on earth – there is so much more to this planetary life than what we know.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Z.A. NYC


Мне очень нравятся наши занятия. Что-то подобное я делала до недавнего времени. Но сейчас мне нравится, что есть четкое направление и план действий. 

Я пишу каждый день как книгу, как роман. Но он не будет прочитанным. Я чувствую облегчение потому что приходит очень глубокое понимание происходящего. 

Благодарю Вас , что так вовремя появились в моей жизни. 


-                              -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 I listened to the recording few times. I noticed the healing amplifies every time I listen to it. My teeth and jaw feel way much better than before. At this point I think the healing continues by itself. I also feel my Higher Self much closer to me then it used to be. I would gladly have another session I feel there is something more to unveil, I don't really know what. My Spirit Guide comes in quite easily now, I feel there are more guides or helpers for my Guides in the background who haven't come forward yet. There are kind of messengers of some sort. Also I think I forgot to say thank you for the session the other day. I feel something great opened up within, and it may only be the beginning, I have only scratched the surface of it.                                                       Denis Baudis,NY


It was wonderful meeting you and doing the session with you.  It really made me feel better.  I went to work yesterday feeling less stressed and anxious.  I feel more calm now knowing that although I may not see it, things are unfolding as they should for me. The session made me realize this. I'm working on being still.                                                       Dominique Jean-Baptiste Brooklyn, NY


Dear Lana – I cannot tell you how much my spine tingled upon remembering my session.  It is etched indelibly into my soul and memory.  I am always thrilled to tell trusted friends and family that a beautiful woman by the name of Lana assisted me with my “maiden voyage” into the most deep and intimate part of my being.  I am eternaly thankfull for my session             Heather. Canada.


Hi Lana, 

First of all, thank you for the experience yesterday. I listened to the recordings and couldn't find anything that interesting as I really feel like I made it up during the session. I was frustrated and felt like this was kind of a scam (the conscious mind, especially my analytical mind, it tough to break out of that, but I tried very hard). 
I admit that the end part felt sur-natural, like drugs or sex, but purer, more emotional, more healthy and it was a feeling that I have never felt without the help of something else before, shaking, bliss, a hallucination that lasted 20 seconds.

I saw my body become a silhouette, and I could clearly see my body now even with eyes closed, it was very clear, in the same position lying down, but all earth materials like the wall and the bed were gone, just vibrating energy around my lying body floating. 
I felt the sensation of being filled up with sand, with the grains of sand perfectly and evenly spread out across my body with the same density in my toes, in my ears, the same density everywhere, and all the grains of sand were vibrating, my eye-lashes were also vibrating very strong.                                                        Andy. NYC


Dear Lana, 

Here are the highlights from after my session:

It's fantastic that I have been able to sleep on my back (with support under my knees) for the first time in my entire life. So now I don't wake up with the pain from sciatica unless I turn to my side early in the morning and sometimes even then I escape it. I used to wake up many times throughout the night in pain and now I stay asleep for longer blocks of time :)  


My inflammation has slowly continued to decrease across my upper back.  And the fatigue from the steroids that had lingered for weeks lifted within the following 48 hours. My neck is also gradually straightening. It's been two years since I was rear-ended so I am delighted! Decompression helped along with injections but the progress seems to be moving more quickly now.


The dreams right after the regression included many individuals from my childhood and I had the sense that things were being cleared for me in my subconscious. Then I had a fantastic dream where there was a long procession of people holding candles, and Dr. Wayne Dyer handed me a candle for me to join the procession. The message that was conveyed to me was that I'm now ready and it's now time for me to step forward, bringing my creativity and writing into the world. 

This may have been in part inspired by a radio show before the regression (but I know that the regression was essential preparation for the dream) In the radio show Barbara DeAngelis said basically that Dyer occupied a lot of space because of the tremendous amount of light, knowledge, etc that he gave to the world and now we need to step up and fill that space. So that dream was an amazing honor! 





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