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                                              Healing Examples

Higher self

Many people want to know how the healing is done by subconscious or a Higher Self.

Here are some of the examples.( SC stands for subconscious mind)  


-Young man came to me because he had malfunction of his thyroid gland and brain fog, that caused memory problems. In his past life he was shot in the head. His Higher Self said that death caused a lot of garbage in his head and his thyroid gland was too small for the body. When I asked for the healing they cleared all the pieces left in the brain and enlarged his thyroid. He said after the session that he had a feeling of expansion in his throat and an amazing clarity in his head as never before. One week later he emailed me to say: "I feel I am improving and getting there much better than before. I am still taking my supplements but this time I feel more guidance."

-One man had multiple issues with different organs. Every time I mention the particular organ that needed healing, he saw it light up. At one point he said:”I look like a Christmas tree!!”

-One Lady had a spine issue, her lower disc where out of place due to a childhood trauma. She saw her discs move and align, after I asked for the healing.

-The man was attacked and strangled, so his vocal cords were damaged. He saw white spots all over his vocal cords during the session, when I asked for the healing the white spots disappeared.

-The client had severe pain in his shoulder, after I asked SC to help him, he saw a picture of tangled up nerves in the shoulder untangle and stretch out.

-Young Lady had many fears and phobias. She learned that they all came from past lives and she has no reason for them in this live.

-An older woman had high blood pressure and suffered a stroke, but the pill that doctors prescribed did not lower her blood pressure. The SC showed her a meditation technique that she should do, and she can now lower her blood pressure any time within minutes without pills.

-77 year old man had problem letting go of the control during the session, so I gave him a self healing technique and asked for healing from SC. Three month later he is better than ever and has no physical issues.

-Young lady had no physical problems, so I asked for a body scan. She felt something like a disc move around in zigzag motion inside her body. Then SC said that she has scars on her hart. I asked for SC to heal them and they said: “No, she needs it” I had to beg them for a healing, finally they agreed. 

-During the session the SC told the client, that she chooses to have constipation from childhood, so people would feel sorry for her. After she realized that she’s been constipation free ever since.

-The Lady had all kinds unpronounced body problems. During the healing part of the session she felt the heat wherever the SC was healing some of her pains where gone immediately, some after a week, but her HS said she would be free from all in 6 month.

-Young lady had multiple car accidence. During her recent on her spine became curved, so she asked for the healing. Her HS was very talkative and helpful, it started the healing of her spine and it took 1 hour during which we run out of all her questions and They told me to ask mine. They gave me a lot of insights into my own life and my future and my family members for which I was grateful and by the end of the session healed client's back completely. She emailed me few days later sayng the back was straight still. 


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