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 Real Stories from My Sessions

                                                                     (SC stands for Subconscious
                                                                                                        HS stands for Higher Self)
QHHT sessions in Jamaica

5 Sessions on theTrip to Jamaica

I was going on vacation to Jamaica, where I stayed with six other friends in a villa resort. I told them all about QHHT and asked if any of them would like to try the hypnotherapy. Everyone agreed, and I set up an office under a mango tree for interviews.         The first person I picked was one whom I had never met before, and she was a cancer survivor. Her childhood abandoned in horrors inflicted upon her by a sadistic step dad. She never wanted to remember her past life but “relived” some of her early years in the session. Her subconscious never came out, which disappointed me a bit. Nevertheless, when I later saw her sparkling eyes, heard her lighter tone and sensed her joy, I felt that it was not all in vein. She seemed full of energy and amusement as never before, making the general atmosphere better for everyone.

         My next session was with a person I knew a little. She did not believe that hypnotherapy would work for her but had been dared to try it. After the interview she said that it was beneficial for her to have someone listen to her for two hours without interruptions. One of her questions concerned her body's ability to regenerate itself really fast after operations as well as her connection with her grandson. During our session she saw herself as a girl dancing naked around a large tree. Her subconscious later stated that the tree was her father. It was therefore no wonder that she liked to communicate with trees. When she was four-years-old, she once spent all summer playing alone in a forest every day. My volunteer immersed in her past life as her subconscious revealed images. She saw herself as a man in a village in a desert, where his purpose was to save a child, which he did. That entity gave the child away to the father, however, and wondered for the rest of his life what had happened to the child. Her need from her past life translates into that of the present day. It is now her grandchild that she is trying to save. He is autistic, and she spends all her spare time with him. She was truly remarkable human being, and a profound lesson for me. She was so amazed with our results that she could not stop talking about it for the next three days.

         My third session was with a best friend of mine. It was in fact a very moving experience for me, since during the session she experienced three violent deaths: was burned in a house as a child, blown up as a soldier in the English Army and drowned by his workers as a rich but nasty merchant in some Arabic country. Her subconscious was otherwise not very pleasant. When I asked her to scan her body for problems, she said that she had a cut on her heart. I asked for it to be removed, but the answer was “No! She needs it!" I had to beg them to help her remove the cut and they finally agreed. Some time later my friend told me that she felt as if a disc was moving inside her body during scanning. She felt a cooling sensation when it was in the process of healing. We also discovered that I was her mother in one of her lives and that we lived in many of them together. My friend was amazed by the session, especially since she was feeling fully conscious throughout and remembered everything.

         My fourth session involved another girl whom I had only met twice before. This girl knew that she had some extrasensory perceptions but was not fully aware of them and did not know how to really experience them. When she came of the cloud, her facial muscles started moving very fast in a strange way. I was trying to ask what was happening but she struggled to answer because she was then becoming a wolf, running through a forest, looking for prey. She was the leader of the wolf pack, and others followed her in a long distance. My volunteer then leaped into another life in which she saw herself flying: felt the movement of the wings, could see the huge shadow of herself cast over trees. When I asked her to land on her nest, she said that she did not want to. I then asked her to see if there existed anyone else who resembled her in the flying form, but since the answer was negative, we never discovered what she has been. In yet another of her lives, she was a man who had betrayed his lover the Qeeen of the realm and the King learned about their affair.

         Talking later to her subconscious, we discovered that the Queen was her mother in this time and that the King was her stepfather. During our interview she confessed that her mother abandoned her as a child and left her with her grandparents. Her mother never protected her from being beaten by her stepfather when the grandparents died and she was now living with her. When her subconscious came out, her face started changing again, becoming tighter between the eyebrows, the right side of her upper lip coming up and forward. I asked what was happening, thinking that she was stepping into yet another life, but did not receive an answer. Finally she stated that she was a wolf again and that she had a hard time talking. I asked her to scan her body for illnesses, and she later told me that she felt as if a little hard ball was emerging out of her right toe and moving up to the head and down again. When I asked her subconscious to check her teeth, the ball moved back to her head again then Subconscious said that it was minor, and that everything was healed and done.

         When her mother heard that she was a wolf, she was stunt, she explained that her daughter’s biological father looked like a wolf and had many characteristics of the animal.



























































































































Healing of the Hart


Energy of the heart
Pleadian Soul

My client was a big man in his late fifties.

         He had a triple bypass and his arteries featured eight stents at the moment of our session. After watching a few past lives of his reveal themselves, I asked him to let his subconscious emerge and take over, but it was not coming out. I therefore asked his SC to do a healing anyway, knowing that the subconscious is always present. I asked it to clear his arteries and heal his heart. I then asked his subconscious to give him a physical sensation of being healed. My patient admitted that during the session he indeed had a feeling of being filled up with energy in the heart area: that was painful at first till I asked to remove feeling of discomfort, so pain soon disappeared and was replaced with a coolness sensation.         My patient was going to have a check up with his cardiologist a few weeks later and we were anticipating a good outcome. When the time of the visit came, the cardiologist did all the tests and was astonished: his patient's heart was just fine. He could resume to do sports and was taken off two of his medications, before he was not allowed to do any physical activities for by his doctor.



Adjustments.      Earth’s other dimension.

        Pleiadian soul.         Igniting the fire in the hart.

Jane came to me in search of her planet of origin. Here on Earth, she always felt very lonely and away from home.

         At the beginning of our hypnotherapy session Jane did not see anything but colors: purple, green, yellow. Finally, my patient started to perceive waving patterns and moving configurations, eventually replaced by brown orbs. She could not tell whether she was inside or outside of them as they were moving around rapidly. Her visions lasted for about an hour and I could tell that she was very deeply immersed. Some time later, her HS revealed that it was a rewiring and adjustment of the brain.

         At one point during our session, all of a sudden Jane became a man trying to grab onto rocks and come out of something, but she could not really explain later what it was that she was trying to escape. His shirt and pants were all torn to pieces, and she saw herself in the form of this man on a beach covered by white shells.

         I tried to bring her back in time to learn the context of her becoming that man. He was now standing on the bridge of a ship, looking through a telescope in search of land, but in vain. He wore long pants, high boots, and a belted coat with two rows of gold buttons. On his head was a triangular hat. When I asked if there was any jewelry, she described an unusual cross on his chest. It had been given to him in his childhood and inside it was an entity supposed to guide him throughout life. His job was in turn to guide the ship. When I asked her to describe the ship, she said it was made of metal and as round as a cake of many layers. The man was standing so high up that he could not see any people on the bottom because of clouds between him and the bottom deck. I asked her if the sea was calm or agitated. She said that the sea was not water but something resembling ice: very still and shiny. I finally asked if the ship was an icebreaker, but she said that the weather was warm.

         She traced back to the last day of her life as the man. He was again on the same land with white shells, but one that was much older. The place was completely lifeless. The sun was white and its reflection in the ice, which resembled the surface of water, was burning his eyes. He used to drink juices from the bamboos growing on the island, but now the bamboos were gone and nothing else remained. He saw an eagle flying high up and was telepathically communicating with the bird. He apologized to him for not having listened to his guiding cross and for having caused the disappearance of the ship and the death of all the passengers. The ship in fact had gone into another dimension and disintegrated. The man ended up alone in that place, becoming old very fast without his cross, with which he could not age.

         I asked her if the eagle answered, and she said that the bird forgave her. In the vision, there was also a rainbow in the sky. The man closed his eyes and was moving through all the colors of the rainbow until he ended up on a cloud where a person in white with a hood covering his face approached him. The stranger led him to a beautiful rehabilitation center where he was cleansed of all imprints.         From this center, Jane was transported by several women to her home planet through a round opening in the ceiling. There, everything was pink and beautiful music reverberated in the air. She started singing in Light language. She had a look on her face that convinced me that she did not want to leave her planet, so I let her enjoy it for a wile.

         Higher Self came in as soon as I asked and had many things to say. The world from the first vision was another dimension of the Earth. At the end, Jane concluded that she should learn to trust her guides. I guess that was the reason she had that lonely feeling in this lifetime: she had been isolated in her past life.

         As a planet of origin goes HS said she had come from the Pleiades and her purpose on Earth is to fire the energy in the heart and spread love. She is supposed to do it with three other women. She only knows one of the three, and that one knows the other two. They are to form a circle and ignite fire in their hearts that energy will spread and reach others. She lost her purpose, but now is the time for her to find her right path.

         I was truly honored to work with Jane and I hope that she will be able to fulfill her purpose that is so important to all

The Spirit Side with cat clock

When Mr. P came for the session he looked hunched like he was carrying a heavy weight on his shoulders. His SC later said: “He does not have to save the world today!” What a guy! He had so much light to give. Mr. P is a healer, who‘s been guided by his grandmother, who died when he was 17 and she's been helping him to become a spiritual person and a healer from the other side. He heals people by connecting with Ascended Masters, Archangels, aliens and deities.
-He first goes to the spirit side, where he sees a clock in shape of a cat, that’s showing 12:10 He is dressed in a toga and is barefoot. Over his head he senses a gold, warm and comfortable energy in a shape of a diamond.
He goes up the white stairs and sees 2 live dragons, red and green color under the night sky.  He feels this place is separated from the Universe and the time is passing faster on the outside then the inside. He is there waiting to go to Earth. They were preparing him for his healing mission. When I asked who they were. He said: “God, Angels”
-He sees a crystal being with an elongated pointy scull and big, round eyes. He looks like a bony skeleton who was sitting on a cloud, teaching him giving love to people.
-Next seen he sees big trees and lava. He is a part of the lava, growing and floating. He is among other Energy beings, including Jesus, but he is the youngest and newest at this group. They are on the island populated by very primitive natives, who wear animal skins and lots of jewelry, even in their mouths. They are there to help the natives in their evolution. They can materialize in front of them to teach and show the way.
-He continues to grow as energy and then morphs in as one of the natives. He sees himself as a native doctor, who heals people with plants and herbs. When I ask him how, he explains, that he feels the energy of the plants and instinctively knows which ones will help. He feels overwhelming love for those people and enjoys being in this place. The purpose of that life was service to people.
SC. Came out fast and assertive answered all the questions and did some awesome healing.
P. felt like hot, cold energy came into the body and started working on his shoulders and joints, which has been dislocated multiple times. He later told me he felt all the joints twisting into a proper allayment. They cleared his energy field from negative energies he picked up wile healin others. He felt encapsulated and cleansed.
When he left the session he looked taller, leaner, lighter and walked with a spring in his feet.


Convoluted Universe material.

        When A. came of the cloud, he saw himself standing on a ground covered with pine needles. My client was in a forest. He took the form of a woman and wore a long, white skirt with embroideries. On her chest was a long triangular necklace consisting of small pieces of metal that resembled tear drops. On her head was a white turban. Many children and young adults were playing around, shooting arrows at trees.

        The forest where this vision of his was taking place was situated near a village, which was on its part located in a valley. A. was now in this village, where houses stood in pairs, but not too close to one another. They had cone-shaped roofs and smooth walls. Inside of her house she could see stars through a transparent roof. Nevertheless, this was not possible from the outside. A tall white chair stood next to a strange fireplace, which looked as if two tree trunks had grown together to form it. This fireplace was very ornate, with many flowers that looked grown out of the wood. In general, the house felt *grown*, not built. A ball of light floated around, lighting up the space, occupied by no humans but a big white creature that resembled a lion was lying down next to the chair.

         Outside, A. in a woman's form noticed that a guard was approaching her; calling her by name. He was a darkly skinned man with a hair not unlike those of Native Americans. He was shirtless and on his chest were painted symbols of his clan: an inverted light blue triangle over his heart and next to it an upside-down rainbow.

        It happened that the Lady was an elder of the village, a teacher. She had lived there for thousands of years. I asked her what she used to teach in the village. She replied that it was plant medicine, science, art of divination, magic, manipulation of matter, manifestation of things, opening portals, using crystals, and working with colors. This seen was taking place on Sirius.

         I moved my client forward to important day. She saw a giant ship that hovered over the nearby forest, emanating light: a transportation device for intergalactic travelers. She was expecting it, but the villagers were scared of it and running away. A man emerged from the ship and delivered a message in a holographic canister. They needed her and she was being summoned to the Council. I asked her if she will be travelling on that ship and she said no, that she had other means of transportation. She walked through a portal that looked like a tall mirror on the wall in her house and walked out aboard the huge ship. Inside were various individuals sitting around spherical tables, in front of holographic projections that showed a planet at war. It was small planet, but not Earth, a part of the galaxy that this Council oversees. They were deciding whether they should interfere in this war, or simply teach that planet a few lessons so that it does not destroy itself.

         I condensed the time to see what Council decided and saw that they eventually sent emissaries to the planet, disabled destructive weapons, brought its leaders to the Council and told them that the war should stop. The emissaries educated the people and raised their level of awareness. The inhabitants of the planet saw them as gods, but they weren’t. The Lady helped them set up a school to teach some of the things they needed to learn; agriculture, weather manipulation, energy manipulation by the use crystals, and colors for communications.

        When A. moved forward to the last day of that life she saw herself lying down in bed, looking at the stars. She felt tired and ready to move on, so she chose to leave her body. She felt herself merging in with the Source. The purpose of that lifetime was to teach


                      The Watcher


         D. was optimistic when she arrived for our session. She hoped that I could help her with her mental issues. She had been diagnosed at the age of sixteen with all kinds of labels such as ADD, OC, and so on, which immediately put her on medications. Her main issue was such that she did not feel her body but instead had a sensation of being an energy field.         During the interview I sensed that my client needed spiritual guidance more than medications. I knew from the very beginning that D. was an advanced being that was having hard time existing on Earth. I therefore taught her some grounding meditation and protection techniques before we started the session.

         Her first vision involved another dimension, where she was being prepared to move to Earth in order to help people who were lost and confused.

         Thereafter she saw herself on Earth, in a temple of white marble, wearing a white robe and holding a big book that was glowing in white and had gold edges. Her mission was to inscribe in the book about the future: make records of people’s lives and changes in the world in general. D. belonged to a group of five guides called the “Consulate.” They oversaw life on Earth and labored to make it better. For example, they placed an energetic shield around the Earth to protect it from the deleterious influences resulting from the negative cycle of the planet. In her vision, D. also accompanied the “Consulate” to Antarctica to save dying wolves by moving them to a safer location.

         In addition, she helped individuals in need, often in the matters of life and death. D. in her past life helped an irritable man overcome his anger. On a different occasion, she followed a man who had committed suicide to the other side and learned the reason for his desperate act: he was much different than the inhabitants of Earth because he knew of other planets and universes and associated himself with them. Earthlings perceived him as crazy, he could not handle it and killed himself.

          A different time, D. witnessed a woman drowning. This woman had been fighting with her husband over the phone, lost control of the vehicle and went over a bridge. When D. was observing drowning woman I asked her where she was and she said she was the water itself. She was a part of nature and could take any form such as water.         Finally, her SC explained elucidated the mystery. She was the “Watcher” and has been watching over people throughout Times.

         When I asked what happened to D. at the age of sixteen, I found out that a huge energy force invaded her body, which she could not handle. She should meditate every day to adjust her energy level, the SC suggested, and also try to decrease her medication dosage and eventually get off it completely. Another suggestion was to take long, deep breaths when in periods of anxiety.

         The SC also built an energy field around her body as a protection and fixed all the necessary neuron connections in the brain.

         When her SC informed me that she would be well by the end of the day because of my treatment, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. The only thing remaining for me to do was to thank Dolores for making it possible for QHHT to bestow this gift of knowledge unto humanity.






On March 8th.2014 Malaysian Airplane #370 disappeared. On March 13 I had a session with a new client will call him D. After about an hour in the session I knew he was very deep, his HS was giving a lot of great advise on weight loss, age reversing, healing of his physical issues, so after all clients questions where answered I decided to ask the question that was on everyone's mind those few days:"What happened to Malaysian Airline?" D's Higher Self said after a short pose, like it was connecting to the information field: Something went wrong. There was a black smoke, electrical fire, It exploded on the surface in a small peaces and is laying now, in the deepest part of the ocean, in the abyss. There is a reef and then there is the abyss and its down there. Its of the coast of Malacca. The pilot and copilot were drunk, they could not react fast enough. One of the stewardess was arguing in the cockpit with the pilot because they were drunk and the argument distracted them from taking care of the fire.






Mr. B. saw himself inside the sun in a very fluid like substance. He saw different colors and heard the angels singing the song of creation. He was one of the sun beings, a guardian and a caretaker of the planets that were being created inside the sun. His job was to make sure the planets follow the will of the sun in development. There were buildings inside the sun looking like a crystal clusters where different beings of light lived. Some of them looked like humans but made out of light and some just like balls of light.Moving forward he saw the sun giving berth to a planet and himself with other being moving that planet to a desirable orbit. Next life he was a translucent humanoid floating inside the water on a water planet. He saw corals everywhere that were lit from within and a big population of jelly fish like beings, that where a shape shifters and could take any shape or form. He was a visitor to this planet and to the local beings he was considered as an angel. The beings of the planet where a collective consciousness and even thought they could not leave their planet they could connect to the higher consciousness of their constellation sector and get information. Even thought hey were individuals, but lived in perfect symbiosis with their cluster of constellations. They are also connected to a universal consciousness and are aware of our planet, and us but there is no way for us to know about them. They contribute to the song of creation with their vibrations. Mr. B was a messenger from the highest counsel of the evolution; he was bringing vibrational codes for the shift of that water planet. During this session the power in 5 cities around us went out, but somehow not the specific section that we were in. It lasted for almost exactly the length of the session down to within a few minutes. Research says the outage was due to a switch failure at a central station.







Coming off the cloud she sees herself as a boy playing with an older boy, sliding from the roof of a shed into a haystack until they are called by his mother for a meal of macaroni and cheese. They eat quickly and run out to play again. She describes a simple looking house and a mother dressed in a 1928 simple outfit. She jumps into a later time when he is about 15, in the same house where there is a grandmotherly woman baking a cake for him and hugging him with much love. There is a lot of love and peace in that house.

She suddenly leap frogs into the desert, where she is a flying platypus. (Ha! We got a kick out of that later).

Without hesitation, she sees a man dressed in Paul Revere style with a white ascot, a black hat and hair styled like that of George Washington. He is 20 feet away from her. There is a lady dressed in dark pink overskirts with ruffles and a pink bonnet approaching him. The man takes the woman by the hand and escorts her into a thatched roof hut that H describes as round, about 6 feet in diameter with no door and it comes to a point at the top like a sharpened pencil.  It is surrounded by palm trees. She senses that those people are colonists in Bermuda. She sees them disappear in the hut in the darkness, so she wants to go in and explore.


Entering the hut she finds that it opens up into a courtyard of a royal palace were she sees people dancing such as they would at a royal party in France during the time of Louis XIV.  She is a man dressed in a velvet jacket with frilled cuffs and a sword by his side, wearing black shoes with gold buckles and wearing a curled wig. From his neck is a round gold medallion hanging on a thick gold chain with letters MaG and XIV under it. He is very proud and rather arrogant as he stands looking around with his thumbs tucked in his belt. As he is walking the people stop dancing and bow to him and move backwards to allow him to pass.   There is a very beautiful dark blond woman approaching him - she emanates such kindness and beauty that it humbles him.


Suddenly H starts laughing as she morphs into another man holding bagpipes and wearing a kilt and a big black hat like the one worn for changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. He has big hairy legs and knobby knees. He is very happy to be there and expecting to have a lot of fun “piping-in” whomever is supposed to be coming to the castle he is standing beside.  He sees a peasant girl dressed in a simple gray dress with a long white apron, holding a broom walking by and he steps into her body - kilt, bagpipe and all!  The girl laughs because it tickles!  The laugh quickly turns into crying which quickly turns into sobbing as H explains that she is the girl and she is a witch. The sobs deepen so much that H can barely speak as she describes the girl standing to the side watching herself as an older woman being tied to a pole. They are going to burn her at the stake.  She is willing to let them do it because, if she does, they will leave the others alone. She needs to do it to save the people and children from the village, because she loves them sooooo much.  She is trying to reassure them that it is alright.

H’s sobbing becomes even more pronounced as she describes watching herself tied to the pole while her body morphs into the body of Jesus.  He isn’t nailed to the cross, rather he is tied to the cross, with his head hanging forward.  He turns toward her (she is still standing to the side, watching, but now she is dressed in drab clothing that would be typical of Biblical times).  She is sobbing and struggling to speak.  She sees herself fall to her knees, crying: “They don't know what they are doing! He died for us.  I need to bless the people who did that to him and forgive them."   Jesus looks at her, his demeanour being that of one who is exhausted and has been defeated and saying with his eyes: "It's OK. I am OK." Then she sees him leaving his body with a golden glow over his head and there are others leaving with him.  She promises to follow Jesus. (Later her SC explains, that she turned into a witch after experiencing Jesus’ crucifixion. She became very powerful. She could heal or hurt).  Side note of interest: she is not a practicing Christian in this life…….

She is now a little girl of about 4 running and giggling and being chased by a nun in a field of long grass and flowers.  The nun beats the girl for misbehaving (she wouldn’t pee on a commode when instructed to do so). She morphs into an older girl of 15, hitting the nun’s chest, tearing her black habit and emphatically stating:  “You can’t do that to me anymore, I am a human being!”

She is now a very old, very stooped woman with a long, hooked nose walking in the woods, looking behind her to see if anyone follows, saying: “No one can see me now. It’s time to go.”  She climbs onto a broom, flies up to the sky, starts spinning round and round really fast declaring in awe: “Whee!!!” And poof! She disappears. She is with the stars now….

(At that point she was skipping lives so much that I was starting to wonder: “How, or when, is she going to die?”  I was relieved when she finally did!).  Another side note:  a few weeks later I was describing this session to a friend saying that I did not understand why the client was leap frogging from life to life without dying when she revealed to me that witches do not die, they just move from body to body.

(There is more to her session, including sea monsters, UFO’s, grey aliens, golden pyramids, etc., however it is too lengthy to discuss, here).

So, I call in the SC.  The SC comes in easily and answers a few personal questions.  I then asked:

Me: H. never felt like her parents were her real parent. Why is that?

BOOM. All of a sudden I feel this powerful force enter the room. Her voice becomes masculine and very assertive.

SC: HA! Because she is not from this planet.

Me: Who am I speaking with? (I ask humbled and a little scared…)

SC: Her father. 

He states his name is Hyrum. He is from Elysium - a galaxy far, far away. She has no mother, just a spark.  He tells her to be kind and that she has a job to do here on Earth.  She needs to heal people. She needs to take care of her body and to eat lighter foods and then she can fly. She needs to be outside more often and breathe in the following with intent: love, kindness, compassion, understanding, knowledge, and beauty. The reason she has depression is because she doesn’t believe in herself and her healing abilities. 



                                                 Life in Space.

A young lady came to me to find proof that there is something beyond our reality. She was born into a religious family, but started to have doubts about the religious laws that were imposed on her. She started exploring new age ideas, but did not know what to believe.

Coming off the cloud she saw herself being trapped in a "metal-like capsule that landed on a "desert-like planet," which she could see from her window. I asked her to describe herself and she said that she felt a "round glass or plastic protective cover" on her feet.  Her body was covered by "a grayish soft bodysuit" and the hands had gloves on. She could not tell how many fingers she had, if any. She felt that she was from a big spaceship, but something went wrong on the ship and they were put into the capsules and sent away. She ended up on this planet, and did not know what to do. She could not fly away so she decided to wait.

She became anxious and had hard time breathing because the capsule was too small. I asked her if she could go outside and take a breath out there. She could not find door for Andyile, but discovered another small space below the floor. She said the space was for supplies, but there was not much there. Later she found the way out and saw herself outside the capsule in the desert, where she was breathing easier. I encouraged her to go out and explore, but she said that the wind was blowing the sand so hard that it was hard to walk and she was afraid to go far and get lost, so she came back. There was no life of any kind on that planet. From outside the ship looked like a bullet with blue stripes around it.

I moved her forward and she was still alone in her capsule, so I moved her to the last day of that life. She saw herself lying on the bottom and feeling herself getting weaker and weaker. She was surprised that she had no emotions just accepted her fate.

She went out of that body feeling as though she was sucked into this beautiful purple light. Then she experienced a blue and green light tunnel and felt happy. Coming out of the end of that tunnel she experienced herself as a "ball of light in a vast space". The ball was moving swiftly, being pulled in different directions by some force into a white space of good energy. There were others there but she could not  see them, she just knew that they were there.

At that point I asked to speak to the Subconscious, which explained to us that the life of this alien being was shown to her so that she would know that the isolation that she feels in this lifetime comes from the past. She does not need to feel lonely now. Oritrum was the name of the planet that the alien came from. The ship was destroyed. Some died on the ship and some were ejected in capsules and ended up at different places.





An angel-like lady came to me to connect with her Higher Self.

Few weeks after the session she sent me her pictures she created,

inspired by our session.

First she saw herself as a bird flying high up to a mountain to the cave

where her bird family lived. The bird creature was very upset over the

fact that her home planet was dying. He could not save his family and

they all died together with the planet.






                                                                                 After her death she saw herself as a humanoid being with pointy ears and                                                                                    face. She was met by her father that came to get her and take her back to                                                                                    their planet in a spaceship. She explained that he had a hard time finding                                                                                    her thru many dimensions. She had many lifetime experiences and now its                                                                                  her time to be responsible for her own planet. She had to stay there and                                                                                      learn many things.





Her home planet was a living entity and a

place of storing information,that came from

all over Galaxies and dimensions.

The information was extracted by touching

any living organism of

the planet.


Dissaperance of Malaysian Flight 370 Revealed in a Session

Life as a Sun being and an Angel..

The witch. Witnessing crucifixion of Jesus. World history and beyond. 
The witch
Space alien
Bird of the other planet
 Princess of the Planet
Humanoid being from another planet
Her home planet was a living entity

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