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Connecting To Your Higher Self

Dear Friends,

Since 2012, I have been connecting my clients to their Higher Self through Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

Now, I've learned a new way of connecting to the Higher Consciousness and have already started to teach it to a small group of people.

We meet on Zoom once a week and the class is recorded. I am offering the recording of my first class free below. All the following classes are $25 each. I also recommend for all my clients that want to experience QHHT session to practice the technique I teach in this video.

I am offering you to join my class where you will learn:

-Possibilities of your subconscious mind and intuition

-All about our non-physical bodies

-Connecting to your Higher Consciousness

-Being able to ask your HS questions and receive answers

-Principals of energy exchange on ether-astral plane of consciousness

-Clearing all your blockages and letting your energy flow freely

-Clearing your astral, emotional bodies

-Clearing old stagnant energy in the body and restoring your health

-Identifying different energies in other people's bodies and clearing them

-Understanding how your emotions influence your physical health

-Learning how to be in charge of your emotions

-Developing astral vision on emotional-sensual plane of consciousness

More to come...

Please contact me if you are interested to advance your spiritual development and psychic abilities.


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