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 In 2016 I attended Higher Brain Living® demonstration and was amazed at what I saw. I signed up for training program immediately. I had no idea at that time that it would be a life-changing experience.

My 6-month training included studieng and experiencing Higher Brain Living® program myself.

Higher Brain Living session activates dormant energy in your body that energizes your frontal lobe of the brain or what we call the higher brain.

 It is well established that the brain uses more energy than any other human organ, accounting for up to 20 percent of the body's total haul, unfortunately most of it is captured by our lower brain, or what is also called lizard brain, which keeps us safe by sameness and not allowing us to move forward in life. Every time you have an idea and want to pursue it, your lower brain says: “ You are not good enough or smart enough. You will fall flat on your face. Don’t do it because you will be safer if you stay the same.”

  Your higher brain is the opposite, it’s the one that says: “ You can do anything you want. You are as good as anyone else, so go and do it!!”  Higher Brain Living® is teaching you to activate that part of the brain.

This has been my experience:

-Few weeks after starting my HBL sessions I changed my eating habits completely. I went gluten free, grain free, dairy free. I never could stick to any diet before.

-Six months later I gave up my wine with dinner, went on the detox program and lost 10 pounds.  I could not do any of it before.

- I increased my meditation from 5 minutes a week to 20 minutes every day.

-After 6 months I became more aware of my behavior and my reactions and had very positive improvements.

-I became more compassionate and less judgmental.

-I overcame my biggest fear of speaking in public.

-I organize my time better and more motivated to do things rather than relax. I gave up senseless TV watching and became more productive and creative in my work.

-I enjoy every moment and love everything I do.

I barely started. I am getting ready to come out of my cocoon and transform into a butterfly.

One year later:

-I changed my resolutions 4 or 5 times because I am progressing fast.

-The synchronicity are coming one after the other and each one leads me into my evolution.

-I laugh louder and more authentic with all my heart.

-I am more aware of my surroundings and notice beauty everywhere and in everyone. I am more in present.

-I am more productive and take action every moment instead of saying putting things for later.

-If someone interferes with my peace or my space I let hem know in a nice way.

-I live with passion and let people know I love them every day.

-When someone pushes my buttons I stop before I react and see that person as vulnerable and not aware of his actions.

-My meditation time increased to 45 minutes a day.

-I live with passion.

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