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What is Soubcounsious and the Higher Self.





I work as a Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regressionist. Using Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy method by Delores Cannon I have come across and had a conversations with the Subconscious Mind of a client and sometimes with his Higher Self. For those people that have no concept of a Higher Self (like me) before I start learning about it, is very difficult to comprehend what that really is.

I think I want to explain that concept, as I understand it now. After listening to hours of my sessions and sessions done by other people, including Delores Cannon herself, I had an epiphany one day and this is my own interpretation of Subconscious and the Higher Self.

Imagine yourself standing in the forest. All you can see is lots of trees and darkness, you are lucky if you see a path in front of you, sometimes it's narrow, and sometimes it's wide, but you can't see around the curve and behind you, but you can see grass, tree trunks and may be bushes and flowers around you and only if you are looking. We can't see insects in the grass, nor any monkeys or birds on the trees, because we never look up or down. We perceive only what's in front of us, and only nose level. Sounds right so far?

Now imagine our Subconscious mind. He/She lives a little higher then you, approximately some where above the trees. He can see much more. He sees the path that runs thru the forest. He sees the hills, holes, barriers and obstacles of any shape and form.  And most of all it know your body and can look at it from within and without, because it's connected to you. Subconscious could be anyplace any time, it has no boundaries, because it not physical. 

And then there is a Higher Self. The HS lives high up on the cloud where it sees the big picture. HS sees the end of the forest, the villages behind it, the rivers , the mountains, the cities and countries, well even the planet. He can even observe the Galaxy, maybe even the Universe. The Higher Self is connected to your soul and sometimes even to the Big G-d.

All of those entities is part of one whole and its You. You are all those 3 together. 


People talk about oneness, but how can you understand it if you can't perceive it. One of the methods of connection to your SC or HS is Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy. As a practitioner of the technique I always get exited when I see all peaces of the puzzle come to one big picture and all those 3 are connected. Now the length of that connection is determined by the client after the session. 





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