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Lana's Metaphysical Salon hosted Ambassador of Agartha

I was honored to host Ambassador of Agartha, Tamarinda Maassen, her son Monk Teodor Maassen, and Peter Moon, the well known author of "The Montauk Project" along with other books.

Mrs.Tamarinda enlightened us with her wisdom, that has no boundaries.She talked about alien races on our planet and their connection to us and our reality. She discussed our bodies as a universe, our DNA structure and alchemy of love. She touched on the subject of our reality, earth changes, our health, implants, quantum physics and a human race as God creators.There is no subject that is beyond her knowledge.

It was an unique experience and we had a chance to learn how to create our own reality and be the masters our thoughts.

Mrs. Tamarinda lives in Romania, where she teaches "The Ancient School of Wisdom" and helps people heal through high frequency devices in her "Quantum-Space Medicine" clinic. You can visit the Ambassador of Agartha's website at ( to learn more.

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