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Intentions From the Other Side

A man came to me to gain insight into his spiritual path. He was a professional wrestler and, as a result, had sustained a lot of injuries to his knees and shoulders that were causing him pain.

We started the regression but he wasn’t seeing much. He’d see a little bit, more or less like shadows and small kind of things, but nothing in particular.

I tried many things, but in his case, nothing more happened. After a few hours he came to believe that his conscious mind was so strong that it wasn’t allowing him to see or experience the Past Life regression. But, even when nothing happens, no scenes of past lives, nothing to grab on, I still know the subconscious is present, so I always ask for healing. I went through my questions and asked for the client to get answers in either his dreams or in his meditations.

A lot of times, when I ask for healing, the person experiences some kind of vibration in their body. In his case, the client began feeling a vibration in his head. He said he felt it in the middle of his head but the feeling was so faint that he didn’t trust it. I encouraged him to pay attention.

Most people come in with certain expectations of what they’re going to experience and if the session doesn’t go according to their expectations, they begin to doubt that anything is really happening.

Four months later, this client returned with his son. The son had been meditating a lot and was experiencing a higher state of consciousness. He was eighteen years old yet he could sit in meditation for eight hours. I was shocked. He said that he experienced this lightness of being in his entire body and he could feel how everything is connected. The son wanted to experience QHHT session to learn what to do with his newly found awareness.

The father brought the son for the session and then left. Before he left, I asked if he had experienced any changes since his session. He said that since our session his life had completely changed even though at the time he believed nothing had happened. He reported that all the questions he had hoped to answer during the session were answered in his dreams. He’d had two different visions where God spoke to him.

Even though the father’s health had improved since our session, many of the physical issues were still bothering him. I asked for permission to connect with his Higher Self through his son and the father said he would be very grateful.

The father left and I began the session with the son. The first thing the son saw as he came of the cloud were a pair of carved wooden pillars suspended in the air with a winding road running between the pillars. He said he was following a path that went through colorful arches. He reported having no physical form and explained that he was made up of pure Intention. He was heading into the Network of Non-Human Entities, which he knew very well.

I had never heard anything like this before so I asked the Higher Self for explanation.

‘You people call it heaven, ’ was the answer from the Higher Self.

I realized that we were dealing with a different reality, but the client was completely at home at this place. It was more real to him than our planet.

I had asked him how he was moving and he explained that in this plane you move by intention. You just think about something and the thought or intention moves you there.

He further explained that the entities of this Network did not eat or sleep. They transmitted their intentions someplace below what looked like a small planet. The intentions they were sending were “Purposes”, that people had forgotten. From this plane, the son could perceive what the people of the planet needed to do to accomplish their purpose.

I asked him how the people could fulfill their purposes and he told me they had to learn to trust in what they couldn’t see or feel. He also said they needed to stop trying so hard and to surrender to the flow of the intention. When you try too hard it doesn’t happen, but that can be the hardest thing to do – to just go with the flow.

Moving to another time and place he saw himself as a large hairy creature with a white face, fat cheeks and large eyes, resembling an ape, that walked by the waterfall and the large cave where he lived.

Moving forward, the son saw himself being attacked by two tigers. One he managed to kill, but the other killed him. The Higher Self explained that this death was shown to help him understand different kinds of fear. The fear of the ape was a real fear, but all his fears of the future were not real. The message from Higher Self was ‘don’t focus on fear, what might or might not happen.’

Leaving the ape’s body, the son found himself at a crossroads. One route he understood would lead towards something dangerous, the other road led toward something easy and comfortable. He chose the safer path and lost consciousness. He then perceived a gap in time and heard the cries of a baby.

He was initially confused, but then said “It feels like it fit”. He had just entered a body of a baby, probably his birth into his current life. He reported meeting his spirit guides and being told, “Never forget that you are loved.”

The son’s Higher Self answered all his questions during this session. Later on, we were able to connect with his father’s Higher Self and ask for healing for him. A few days later I learned from referred client, that he had no pain at all for the first time in years.

The father later wrote to me about his son: “You were instrumental in his now open awareness to the world above him and he has been profoundly changed by his recent experiences.”

Dolores Canon always said that the client gets exactly what they need from the session and only what they can handle. This is because Higher Self is protection and love.

When Dolores Canon first started doing past life regression 40 years ago, there was much less awareness about the Higher Self. These days, many more people are aware of the Higher Self and other states of consciousness.

I still begin my sessions speaking with the subconscious, but sometimes I recognize the voice of Higher Self rather than subconscious self. If the client is a Light Being who arrived from the source, then I know am talking to a Higher Self.

These are the messages that I hear most frequently from the Higher Self:

Love yourself. Enjoy life. Learn from your mistakes and keep going. Don’t get stuck on who did what to whom. Forgive and forget.

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