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Many Faces of Creator

J. was a very interesting case for me because he has a background in psychiatry and medicine. He had become very disappointed in conventional medicine and outraged by how there is prominent overmedicating in that field. He was a very healthy man in his 50’s and recently spiritually awakened. He used to be an atheist and used to call spirituality and afterlife - delusions of the brain.

He had a hard time believing what he was seeing in his QHHT session.

J. came off of the cloud into a desert-like surface. He saw himself wearing a knee high white robe, like a white sheet, a god-like garb. He felt like a man in his 30's

Lana: What do you see around you?

J.: It’s a pretty open expansive place. It could be a desert. When I look at my hands I see this, it’s almost like my fingertips have a reddish glow to them. But it’s almost, it’s very, it’s technological in layers, science fiction-y in a way. I feel like there’s these energy channels or circuits running through my arms toward my fingertips.

Lana: And where is the energy coming from? Can you feel it?

John: It’s like circuits, like circuitry.

Lana: And it’s only in your hands, or in other parts of your body?

John: Yeah, it’s down to my legs. It’s more like it’s running through my forearms, these circuits and into my fingertips, almost like it’s giving my hands a certain power, or capabilities. The energy kind of culminates in a red glow in my fingertips.

He felt that it was some kind of healing energy

J: I’m also having the impression that … what controls the movements of the arm and the hands and fingers isn’t necessarily what’s based in the brain, if that makes sense. It’s not necessarily the neurons in the brain that are controlling movements. It’s more like this field that surrounds the limbs, and in that field are the forces that cause the movements of the digits, of the extremities, like an external energy.

He felt the reddish, pinkish energy coming thru his chest in a torsion field-like pattern, continuously flowing like a warm waterfall.

J.: It enters through the chest; it goes through the arms into the hands, and then exits the hands at the fingertips, at the palms.

When I asked him for this energy’s purpose he saw himself creating orbs, glowing bubbles, by bringing his palms together. He could see himself manipulating those bubbles and creating cell like structures. The cellular structure worked with the energy between his hands, creating a nucleus within that cell, that would eventually divide and create a living organism. It looked like a series of transparent spheres or cells, multiplying into infinity, all around him, as far as he could see in every direction, they’re juxtaposed with one another. Once they were free floating they became blue transparent spheres the size of a beach ball.

When I connected to his SC layer and asked who was this man the explanation we received was that he was a creator, an alchemist and could create things with his hands, like forms of life.

Once he focused on one of the orbs he could see something inside, a vortex structure that starts out as a spiral, looking like a portal. He entered one of them and walls off the spiral aligned with cells, almost like computer screens in a way. There were millions and millions of these screens lining in the inside of the spiral.

I asked him to pick one of those cells and he saw himself in futuristic surroundings inside of the space of infinite stars. He felt like a big bundle of energy floating in space.

When I asked him of his purpose being this energy he said he was observing and monitoring.

J.: I’m checking and looking around making sure everything is going smoothly in this space. There’s a sense of somehow everything’s going to flow in harmony and I’m there to make sure there’s no disruption in the flow. The flow being the relationship of all the stars to each other in a very cosmic level, it seems ridiculous to think that I could possibly monitor that. (Chuckle) Yeah, I want to just make sure all systems are in place. There’s harmony among all these planets and galaxies and solar systems. I’m on call, sort of on guard. I’m the one guard ready to be called in case something’s not in place, or if something goes array.

Lana: How would you know if something out of balance?

J.: I would see some sort of explosion, or burst of light, or something like this, there would be some sort of signal like that, a signal in space. Then I would go there to harmonize it. And whether I do it myself, or whether I just gather the forces to do it, I’ll know what to do. I’ll know the appropriate steps to take.

Lana: That’s a huge job.

J.: It’s kind of a burden that it’s for me, you know. (Chuckle) That’s something I’m uncomfortable with for some crazy reason

When I connected to his SC later and asked why was this energy shown to J., the explanation we received was that he had a role of protector, with a purpose.

I moved him forward to another space and time and saw glowing aurora borealis type lights in the background. And again he did not have a body more like floating energy. He saw a white light in the distance and some concentric circles, rings overlaying each other, but not attached. They took up the entire visual field; they were part of the environment. He felt that the circles very precise, mathematically based, like a huge guiding compass. Thru those circles he was watching a nebula formation process: evolving forming and then dissipating.

Then it became foggy and when the fog cleared up he saw a sphere of glowing light with a spark at the very core and then outside of that spark was a sphere of light. It felt to him like a life source of knowledge. The sphere was small but powerful.

From my experience I know that white light that people see in the session is either a spirit guide or a source of healing or knowledge, so I asked him to invite it with intent. He felt warmth from the sphere, it entered his body and he incorporated its warmth and saw it glow from inside of him. He could see fractal-like images and felt his body incorporated with the sphere and something like sunspots were occurring around him.

He realized that the sphere had transformed him into a sun, a ball of gaseous material.

J.: It’s like I’m this source of light and heat and I’ve got these (chuckle) sunspots kind of rippling throughout me, you know, giving out these solar flares and all that kind of, the sun now in turn with me. It sounds kind of crazy.

I was not surprised by this because I had a case of a sun Being before.

He liked that things were moving around him, another energy’s waves and smaller spheres of light. Clouds were kind of orbiting around him. It was a nice feeling.

I let him enjoy that feeling of power for a wile and then moved him forward.

He felt a pulsing sensation that was flickering on and off and saw himself transforming and moving away from the sun in the cosmos untill he was back in my room. I finally asked for permission to speak to his Subconscious. When I connected to it I asked why this was shown to him, the life of a sun?

SC. Said that he’s serving a very important purpose like sustaining life and provide light, warmth.

One of J.’s questions was why he feels a strong connection to Pleiades constellation. J became emotional which happen a lot in a session, especially when its someone’s origin so I asked SC to take him there.

He didn’t see any physical structures it was more like light and energy and the entities were also light based. When I asked his SC which dimension he was in the answer was 11th. It’s the space he was originally from, the space of pure consciousness.

The rest of the session was personal, but I will include the message by his spirit guide, because it a message for all.

-“ Be authentic. Trust your instincts. Keep seeking truth. ”

His purpose was to plant the seeds and to wake up people.

He was recommended to do a Pranic meditation.

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