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Tragic Death Story

People come for sessions with different expectations, but I always say: "Expect the unexpected."

A lot of my clients will see colors at the start of their session. Sometimes it’s a single color; sometimes many colors. I always ask them to describe the colors they are seeing and whether those colors are at a distance or right in front of them. In some cases, a client will be surrounded by the color or even feel themselves becoming the color. Very often a client will see only colors in the beginning, before they are ready to move to specific images.

Each color is actually a different energy field that the client is experiencing. Sometimes the color contains a vibration that opens the third eye energy center in their body. I encourage them to enter whatever color they are seeing and this usually leads them to a specific place or situation where an important event will unfold.

My client, S., started her session seeing colors: white on the bottom and red in front of her. She thought she was doing something wrong because she expected to go to a past life experience right away. I encouraged her to feel the vibration of the color. As she focused on the red, S felt a sensation of warmth in her body.

Eventually she started seeing something like a city skyline in the distance. Then she saw herself standing in a plaza of a big city. In this vision, she was a little boy. She became very emotional and began crying. The boy had been abandoned and she was feeling his emotions.

The next image she saw was of an older boy. I asked her if this was the same boy but she said it was someone different. Sometimes a person shows me fragments of a story and I have to try to piece them together. In this case, my intuition told me it was the same boy in the later scene. She cried a lot seeing herself as this young abandoned boy.

When I can’t find more information on a specific episode, I’ll move the client forward.

S. arrived in another life experience and saw herself as a young woman carrying a baby. She understood in this vision that she had been thrown out of her house by a man. She saw herself begging on the street then washing clothes in a laundry. Soon after these visions, she saw that she had died.

I moved S forward in time and she saw herself as well dressed young man, sitting on the bench on the boardwalk watching people strolling. She understood that he was from very rich family living in a fancy house with servants. The boy’s father was a banker and his mother was a beautiful lady of the house. The young man was studying medicine in the university.

S. watched a scene as two friends of the young man came into his room inviting him to join them for drinks in a pub. She felt the boy did not want to go, but couldn’t say no to his friends. In the following scene, S observed a fight in the pub that resulted in the young man being killed by a knife in the stomach.

At the start of our session, the client had mentioned that she suffered from chronic stomach problems that no doctor had been able to diagnose. During the session, Higher Self reported that S. had a blockage in her stomach caused by holding onto anger towards people who had hurt her.

In this session, Higher Self helped S. to release the emotions that were causing her problems and told her to forgive the people who had harmed her in these lives because they, too, had been victims.

Frequently, an individual’s Higher Self will show them scenes from a past life that involve a tragic or violent death. This happens to help that individual release trauma which can remain stored in the body causing illness throughout many lifetimes.

In the past life regression, the person relives the experience from a different perspective that allows them to see their life lesson. Once the lesson is learned, the cells of the body are able to release the stored trauma.

Sometimes, a client will experience the pain of the death scene they are seeing. In this case, I take them out of the scene with a simple suggestion that they don’t have to stay so close to the experience, that it’s possible for them to observe it from a distance.

From this perspective, they’re able to observe the event with no pain and it gives the client the opportunity to release any feelings of emotional attachment to this event.

People are often afraid of revisiting a death scene but once they’ve had the experience, they are very surprised by how easy it is to go through a death scene.

I had a client recently who relived three different lives where she was killed. In one life, she was killed by a spear or arrow, in another experience she was killed by a heavy object and in the third life experience she was eaten by a tiger. She saw the tiger grab her by the left shoulder.

At the start of our session, this client talked about having a lot of pain in her left arm, shoulder, the left side of her head and upper back. All three of the death injuries she witness, occurred on the left side so there was obviously stored trauma on the left side of her body. Similarly to S, and other clients I’ve had, this particular client had been to many doctors who could not properly diagnose the cause of her pain.

I called on the Higher Self to release all memories from the body of all those violent deaths and the Higher Self reported that the client was holding onto the traumas and wouldn’t allow for a release.

I worked on this for a while with the client explaining to her that this was all in the past and that she was now living in the present moment that had nothing to do with the other lives. She was finally able to accept this idea and allow her Higher Self to release the stored trauma.

When she finished her session she was surprised at how easy it had been to relive the death experiences as if they weren’t a big deal. She had been viewing these experiences from a distance and, as a result, didn’t feel the trauma. While the session did not feel traumatic to her a lot of healing was taking place. Her body was able to release the trauma stored at a cellular level.

Past life regression heals the body by giving you the opportunity to go through the traumatic experience again and experience it from a different perspective. You are able to see what the problem is, understand why you are experiencing the physical or emotional pain and realize there is no reason to continue this experience.

The message I hear repeatedly from the Higher Self in all of my client session is “Always love yourself. You have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of anybody else”,

In S.’s experience, the Higher Self told her to forgive all the people who had harmed her, so that she could release her past trauma. And that really is the main message the Higher Self would give to any client; ‘forgive everybody and forgive yourself.’

Another recent message from a client’s Higher Self was ‘You have to be happy. You have to find a way to become happy if you’re not.” Higher Self repeated this message three times throughout the session. At the end of the session when I asked the client’s Higher Self for any last messages before bringing her out, the message was “always make yourself happy, do things that make you happy”.

Remarks on healing & Delores Cannon:

At the start of a session, I always ask the client what issues they want to work on. When healing vibrations come in and the client begins feeling vibrations in their body, I know the Higher Self is already working on the healing.

At this point, I might ask a question about what is happening. Sometimes the client feels a tingling in certain parts of their body. Sometimes they feel a wave.

A lot of times people feel something going on inside their body but can’t pinpoint what it is. They might feel movement or see color in their body; in the organs. They might see it without feeling it and observe as the color changes sometimes from orange to red and then into blue. Each color has a frequency that has specific effects on the body. A lot of times that I don’t understand what is happening and the Higher Self does not explain.

Other expectations that people have is that they think they’ll be unconscious for the whole process and they would wake up and they won’t remember anything they don’t understand that they would be completely aware, that it’s a state of a high awareness

Delores C used to say that the clients need to be in a somnambulistic states for past life regression but recently she has been coming back from the other side and has helped me a lot in sessions. She says that things have changed a lot in recent times. The veil that used to exist between worlds has been pulled back and people are able to dig deeply without being in a somnambulistic state to get what they need in each session.

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